BOOK ON CD: "THE LUCKY ONES - 8th Air Force Airmen"

By: Erik Dyreborg Denmark
On: 05/29/2002
"THE LUCKY ONES - 8th Air Force Airmen" -

is a collection of stories gathered from the wartime experiences of a few US Airmen who served in the 8th Air Force Bomb Groups in England during WW II.

The stories in this collection, narrated by the Airmen themselves, recount the harrowing adventures the Airmen endured in their most trying missions over Europe. These are stories of encounters with enemy fighters, struggles to control flak-damaged planes, grueling crash landings, and desperate bail-outs from burning planes.

Many Airmen, fortunate enough to survive these experiences, were captured by the Germans once on the ground. Their treatment at the hands of their captors is painfully re-told here.

Miraculously, some Airmen managed to evade captivity and escape the Germans, sometimes as an entire crew.

In the course of the war, more than 30,000 young Americans lost their lives over Europe. As one Airman said: "The real heroes... were the many... who died in combat".

These are the stories of other heroes who survived what seemed certain death. These are the stories of THE LUCKY ONES.

Most of the stories are narrated by Airmen from the 401st Bomb Group.

The English version of approx. 260 pages including 200 photos is available June 2002.

The book is available on CD ONLY (one big WORD file ready to print as a book). See the attached cover.

Price US $ 20.00 (prepaid) including shipping to your address in the States.

Delivery time approx. 1 week.

Please contact Author Erik Dyreborg

Re: BOOK ON CD: "THE LUCKY ONES - 8th Air Force Airmen"

By: Bill Erzar
On: 05/23/2005
Are copies of the CD book still available?