The Dresden Raids

By: Gary Shellman
On: 05/13/2002
A British author friend, Frederick Taylor, is currently conducting research for his book about the Dresden raids of Feb. 13/14, 1945.  Fred is finding evidence to counter some of the claims Germans have made about the nature of the raids.  He has interviewed Germans and Allied POWs who experienced the raids from the ground, as well as RAF aviators and people in command situations.  Fred is coming to the States in July and will speak, we believe, at the Experimental Aircraft Assocition convention in Oshkosh, Wis. July 27-28.  He also plans to work at the National Archives in Washington, DC and meet with his publishers in New York.  Our question:  we know the 401st participated in the daylight raids on Dresden.  Are there members of the Association who live near Milwaukee or in lower Michigan who could meet with Fred Taylor?  Will any members be attending the EAA fly-in Warbird Weekend who could also meet with Fred.  Does anyone have contacts with the P-51 fighter escorts that flew those days?  It seems the late German propaganda has even accused the Red Tails from Italy of committing atrocities those days.  Thank you in advance for any contacts that can be made for Fred Taylor.

Gary Shellman