Mission Information on the Web Site

By: Art Seder
On: 04/21/2002
Something new is being added to the 401st web site! In the future, when you go to the Mission List and click on any one of the missions, you will bring up a considerable amount of detail about that mission, including such items as number of crews involved, the target, time and direction of takeoff, and a short statement describing the mission, its leaders, casualties, etc. To date the first 30 missions can be accessed, and additional missions will follow in the weeks to come. Try it out!

Re: Mission Information on the Web Site

By: Ed Login
On: 05/15/2004
Hi Art
This question has been bugging me for for years. Maybe you can help.
As you know,I was on the ground crew. This aircraft returned with all shackles and arming wires gone. Salvoed.
I talked to the pilot regarding the target. He replied it was the heavy water works by Trondheim Norway.
Know one seems to know if the 401st was attacking that target that day.  Maybe it was a recall?
Ed Login