gerard j melofchik

By: dennis j. melofchik
On: 05/19/2010
I am the son of bill & ann melofchik. I had always wondered why my father had taken the name "Gerard" when he entered the Christian Brothers community. Was Gerard the son of one of my father's brothers?? Steve, Mike,Lou or John??
My father passed away, May 15,1991.

Re: gerard j melofchik

By: Group Historian
On: 05/21/2010

You are talking genealogy on a Bomb Group site.  We do not have a Crew photo for him either.  Might you or someone else have a photo of the crew from the states or from his base in England.

Crew Members
    Pilot 1st Lt  G.J.  Melofchik       KIA      
    Copilot 2nd Lt  J.E.  Pratt       KIA      
    Navigator 2nd Lt  R.C.  Tyson       KIA      
    Bombardier 2nd Lt  H.K.  Grisham       KIA      
    Radio Operator S/Sgt  L.B.  Tracy       KIA      
    Engr / Top Turret S/Sgt  H.  Pressman       KIA      
    Ball Turret Gunner Sgt  L.P.  Wheaton       KIA      
    Tail Gunner Sgt  J.W.  Bozarth       Evaded      
    Waist Gunner Sgt  H.E.  Mapes       KIA      
Missions (Group Mission)  
   1.   Augsburg (112)  19 Jul 1944         ?          
   2.   Leipzig (113)  20 Jul 1944         ?          
   3.   Schweinfurt (114)  21 Jul 1944         ?          
   4.   Saint-Lo (115)  24 Jul 1944         ?          
   5.   Saint-Lo (116)  25 Jul 1944         ?          
   6.   Munich (119)  31 Jul 1944         ?          
   7.   Chartres (120)  1 Aug 1944   42-39873  Stormy Weather  MIA