By: Paul Finn
On: 01/13/2010
Hi, I drive past the memorial at Deenethorpe every day on my way to work (Union Flag and Stars & Stripes still flying together). This website has given me a great insight into what happened all those years ago practically on my doorstep.

If anyone ever wants a photo of the memorial just let me know.

Paul. Editor KISSin' UK -

Paul (at) kissinuk dot com

Re: Deenethorpe

By: Group Historian
On: 01/14/2010
Thank you for your post.  Keep visiting the site as we are very close to being ready to launch the new inproved web site.  We also have the 401st BG Historical Society with members in England who maintain the memorial.

Don Byers

Re: Deenethorpe

By: Elmer Eugene Browning
On: 03/25/2010
I would love this photo - you may send it over the
internet.  I was a ball turret gunner for Elmer
Gillespie's crew........that was our last base in
America.........where we trained as a crew called
Elmer's Tune