401st photo from another web site - COOL

By: James Ross
On: 01/06/2010
Use the link below for a interesting and high quality photo related to the 401st.


Re: 401st photo from another web site - COOL

By: P Bellamy
On: 01/07/2010
What's even more astounding it that's not a scan from the copy of that photo in the Blue Book.
Time to start tracing who's got it, as it's missing from the Archive.

All the best,

Re: 401st photo from another web site - COOL

By: win bryson
On: 01/26/2010
The Hmmmmm.... factor about this photo on 'Skylighters' continues:

1. The National Archives Still Picture Branch replied to my inquiry that this photo is not in their collection.

2. Their reply about the 'other' Combat Mess photo (in the 401st Gallery. showing white table choths): "342-FH-3A12951-65512ac; 'Combat mess hall of the 401st Bomb Group at an 8th Air Force base in England, 5 March 1945'."

3. Regarding WWII U.S. Army Sigal Corps photos they replied:  "As for the Army Signal Corps photographic records, yes, we do have them among our holdings.  There is an index available in our research room.  You can look up images, by unit, location, subject, etc.  It covers WWII and Korea.  There is a separate personality index in our stack area.  However, it really just documents the ground forces and doesn't include photos of the Air Force or Army Air Corps.  If you are looking for Signal Corps images, you can just let us know what you are looking for and we'll search for them, just like we do the Air Force."

So, 'underway as before'.