B-17G  "Carrie B."

By: Gary Abrams
On: 01/01/2010
William John Williams died April 20, 1944, downed near  Pont Remy, Abbeville, France.  He was buried at the English Military Cemetery Abbeville/Somme.  Does anyone know what the present name of this cemetery is?  He was later disinterred and sent state side to Maplegrove Cem. Gainsville, NY.
Also are there any photos of this B-17 (42-31593)or of the crew; 2nd Lt. Jack Daughery was the pilot.

Re: B-17G  "Carrie B."

By: Win Bryson
On: 01/02/2010
Hi Gary:

Happy New Year.  Here's a few suggestions towards your 'quest' - hope they help, and 'good hunting':

Cemetery Name:
- - The Website  www.remember-our-heroes.nl, by Mr. Andy Swinnen of the Netherlands, has made 'WWII gravesite care' for U.S. Fallen his 'passion', and may be able to help you.  He has certainly helped us.  
- - Also, have you tried 'Googling' "English Military Cemetery Abbeville/Somme"?  There may be a lot of un-useful info, but maybe a 'history' text with the location or address perhaps, or even the current name/status - that you could then 'GoogleEarth' to view;
- - Websites of he 'RAF Museum' (Herndon, near London) and the 'Imperial War Museum' may have "contact us" functions you could utilize to inquire, also.

A/C & Crew photos:
- - Have you searched the 401st Website's Gallery of National Archives' photos?  There are some 600+.  There are 2-photos of  an earlier 'IN-L' in the Gallery - Its serial number is 42-31090 (photos A-27177AC & 65531AC)].  And keep in-mind, not all A/C and/or Crews were photographed.  My Uncle's Crew wasn't (as far as we've found), and their (613Sq) plane 43-31081, one of the 401st's originals, wasn't either (as far as we've found).
- - Although duplicative, you could also E-mail a photo (A/C and Crew) request to the National Archives <stillpix@nara.gov> - the more you give them the more they can 'search' the more they can 'check' and 'cross-index':   WWII 401st BG; 613Sq; B-17 42-31593;  IN-L; 'Carrie B';  2nd Lt F.P. Daugherty and crew; MIA Apr.20,1944.
- - I don't know if the two Crewmen that survived are living (or reachable), but that's another possibility - that they (or Kin) have photos.


Re: B-17G  "Carrie B."

By: P Bellamy
On: 01/02/2010
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemeteries at Abbeville in the Somme, France are the Abbeville Communal Cemetery and the Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension.

Here's the URL for the CWGC webpage with information and directions:

Best wishes,
Paul Bellamy

Re: B-17G  "Carrie B."

By: Group Historian
On: 01/20/2010
There is only one picture that I know of and is with Lt. Baker of the 613th BS.  This picture is most likley the Carrie B IV.

I have been looking for a picture of the Carrie B II for 10 years now.

Don Byers