pictures of dad

By: Sherry Barnes Kerley
On: 12/16/2009
Anyone remember which crew Jack H. Barnes was with? He was a radioman on a B-17 and had a brother Clark Barnes who was a pilot. Could you email me and give some info. about my dad?

Re: pictures of dad

By: Win Bryson
On: 12/16/2009
Hi Sherry:

1. Gathering information (and photos) of WWII Kin is quite a task - there's no one-stop source - but you have a lot of company...lots are doing it.  And many 'official' records were lost in a fire at the St.Louis National Personnel Records Center (in the 1970s).  If you don't have much information about them presently, that's another 'hurdle', but not a dead-end.  

2. Any documents, recods, serial numbers, or other information you and your Family may have about Jack or Clark, even the State in which they entered the Service, helps.  There's lots of help available 'out there' -  us (401st Historian, Association Members and just plain Forum participants) as well as 'official' sources.  Key is asking a lot - don't be shy.

3. One clue: In 1946, the 401st published a 'Directory' of known members (at the time, at the end of WWII in Europe, when the 401st left Deenethorpe). Jack H. Barnes of Eureka, Missouri, is listed, but not in the 2005 401st Association Directory. Clark is not listed in either.

4. Suggestions, besides this Web-site:
- - Inquire (by letter or E-mail) to the 'Adjutant General's Office' of the State in which Jack and Clark lived in when joining the military, and ask for information about them.  Include as much information you can (to help them 'narrow-in' on them;
- - Inquire  (by letter, preferrably, or E-mail) to the National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis ( by letter of E-mail, and again, ask for information about them.  Include as much information you can (to help them 'narrow-in' on them;
- - Some States have special War Memorial Websites (with databases), and State Archives may be able to provide sources and resources, also.
- - If you know their 'hometown' (or hometowns), you may find VFW or American Legion posts that can help.
- - Local (Jack & Clark's) hometown resources like libraries and historical societies, have been a productive source for us, and some have War memorial sites.

5.FYI, I looked at the last 401st Mission (on this Website) Crew-by-Crew but found no 'Barnes' listed, pilot, radioman or otherwise.  You could look further, and look through the 'Combat Crews', but again, the 401st Association realizes the information is not complete.

So if you have more info about Jack or Clark, please add that to you 'Thread'.  FYI: It was through this Website I connected with my two co-researchers about my Uncle's Crew, 613Sq. ast.Lt. A.J. Nelson.  My Uncle was Crew Radioman S/Sgt. J.T. Dorris.

Good hunting and keep us (and me) posted.

Win Bryson

Re: pictures of dad

By: Win Bryson
On: 12/19/2009
My 'contact us' inquiry to the St.Louis County Library brought this reply, which included a new resource to me for finding Soldiers' serial nembers ( and a new to me non-NARA photo site). It appears Jack Barnes' serial number was there, but didn't find Clark's.
- - - - - - -
" Good Morning,
The National Archives has an index of World War II Army Enlistment Records at the website below.  It appears to give the serial number for each soldier.
Finding a photograph will likely be harder.  There may be one at the National Archives at
This web site may help too
Finally, try a Google search for the Unit to see what is available.
Special Collections
St. Louis County Library"
- - - - - - -
Best Holiday (and hunting) Wishes.

Re: pictures of dad

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 12/20/2009
Hi Win,

The World War II Army Enlistment Records only cover Enlisted Men, Officers aren't listed.
As Clark was a pilot he was most likely an officer and that's why you can't find him.

All the best,

Re: pictures of dad

By: Win Bryson
On: 12/22/2009
Thanks Paul.  

Since, I've asked the Missouri Sec. of State (Adjutant General's Office) for info on both Jack and Clark (to ensure we're looking for the right folks); and next stop NPRC, probably.

Best Holiday Wishes and thanks again.