Fortress Flying Club

By: Gene Plews
On: 11/26/2009
Hi there Guys

Thought I would introduce myself.I was the Cat A1 operator of Deenthorpe Airfield in 1990-1995. I ran the Fortress Flying Club.

It was so lovely to see all the guys when they came over for the 50th Anniversary and to have Dinner at the hotel in Kettering as guest of Honour. It was indeed an honour for both myself and my wife Joanne

I remember sitting on the table with Darryl & Becky Fritzinger and George Rosenburg who sadly past away last year. I shared many of the war time stories with Ralph Trout and Hal Hickey that night as well as a few other good nights in the Wheatsheaf !!!!  

The photographs that lots of you guys gave to me have been copied and the copies passed on to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre where there is a section dedicated to the 401st at Deenthorpe with Mr Fred and Harold Panton. take a look at the website there is a lancvaster at the site with all four engines operational and they do taxi runs there too.

Hope to hear from you guys soon

Keep the flag flying for your very brave men those who are alive and those who lost their lives. Without your courage and help the war would never have been won !!

Kindest regards

Gene Plews