Oral Histories Needed

By: Group Historian
On: 11/25/2009
The 401st Bomb Group is looking for Oral Histories from all Veterans who may not be attending the Savannah Ga. reunion in 2010.  Please consider this as you can have an inpact again for those who will be looking for information in the future.

The two sites are:




Don Byers
Group Historian

Re: Oral Histories Needed

By: Craig Holley
On: 11/29/2009

    A couple of items.  My father (Eugene Holley) was a navigator with the Lady Jane II (shot down over Berlin in March 1945, POW in Germany at LuftStalag I) and has written a pretty extensive narrative of what happened.  I can probably get you a copy if you are interested.  I believe a local WWII historian has also taken an "oral" history as well.  I went and found the gravesites for him while I was in Germany (stationed there) at the AF cemetery in Belgium of some of his crew that died, and he came over and found the field he parachuted into (before he was eventually captured).
    I would like any info about your reunion you might have.  If you are sending letters he might get it but otherwise, he has no internet so wouldn't know about it.
    Also, looking at your crew list....I didn't see the crew of pilot Dick Vermeer listed (went down with the plane).  Was curious why that might be.  Info is:
Crew Identification

The Crew of:
Unit: 2nd Lt D.E. Vermeer
613th Bomb Squadron
Crew Members
Pilot 2nd Lt D.E. Vermeer       KIA
Copilot 2nd Lt J.J. Thompson       POW
Navigator 2nd Lt E.E. Holley       POW
Togglier Sgt E.J. Butlin       KIA
Radio Operator Sgt M. Basara       KIA
Engr / Top Turret Sgt H.E. Churchill       POW
Ball Turret Gunner Sgt F.E. Gerhardt       POW
Tail Gunner Sgt H.L. Babcock       POW
Waist Gunner Sgt R.A. Williams       POW


Best Regards,
Craig Holley

Re: Oral Histories Needed

By: Group Historian
On: 12/06/2009
Pilot 2nd Lt. Dick Vermeer is listed near the end of the 613th BS combat crews.  Also we would be over joyed to have history from Mr. Holley.  You can contact me at historian@401bg.com

Don Byers