614th BS-2nd Lt. Elliott F. Cameron Crew; 28Feb45 to 7Jun45

By: Alexander B. Taylor
On: 03/25/2002
SEARCHING FOR CREW MEMBERS: Crew of 2nd Lt. Elliott F. Cameron, Pilot, 2nd Lt. Robert L. Davidson, Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt. Fred A Guillermerty, Navigator, Staff Sergeant Thomas G. Fasuillo, Togglier and Chin Turret Gunner, Sergeant Jerry J. DeLeon, Radio Operator, Staff Sergeant Emory P. Fabian Jr., Engineer and Upper Turret Gun, Sergeant Michael S. Hargas, Ball Turret, Sergeant Charles M. Clendenin, Tail Gunner, Sergeant David J. Gabbert, Waist Gunner. I have been in contact with Cameron, Davidson and Fabian. Need address, telephone or e-mail address for rest of crew.
I have researched all of the books at the 8th Air Force Heritage Museum library in Pooler, GA., and compiled an extensive mission history including aircraft serial numbers, Squadron and radio transmission codes, times for flight take-off and return, and aircraft inventory. Cameron, Davidson and Fabian are helping with search.
Any information would be appreciated.