'Twang' & Records

By: Win Bryson
On: 09/30/2009

I don't have a direct answer for you, but wanted to let you know where it may lie:
- - The 401st Website's history is principally from official records' microfilm (available currently from AFHRA, the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Alabama).
- - The actual (paper) 401st Mission reports, however, are in the National Archives, College park, Md., (and copies can be purchased).
- - Key is that there are 'penciled-through', 'marked-up' or 'crossed-out' additions and corrections on the 'paper' Mission records (in the National Archives) that are not on the (AFHRA) microfilm records.

So in the 'overall', and for the mass of 401st records there are, the AFHRA records seem remarkably accurate to me, but there are 'errors', 'omissions' and 'conflicts', and the 'paper' Mission Reports 'catch' some of them.

For the 2-Missions of your interest, the 'Loading Lists' and 'Formation Diagrams' in the National Archives (keep in-mind not all are there - some are missing), they may answer 'Twang's' fate for you. I don't have any info on those 2-Missions (but someone else may), but you could 'ask' (post a request) or contact the National Archives.

Good hunting,