My Dad:  Robert A. Haakinson

By: Thomas Haakinson
On: 08/17/2009
My Dad who now lives in Martinez, Georgia was with the 401st  Bomb Group. His unit was the 615th Bomb Squadron as a Top Turret with the pilot being 2nd Lt. R.M. Deen. It was their plane that crashed after take off. I guess my question is where can I get more information from you guys about his involvement with the 615th? I understand you have a reunion coming up next year in Savannah, Ga. It would be nice if I could get him to attend but he is pretty damned stubborn. His name is misspelled on the crew roster as R.A. Heakinson but the correct name is R.A. Haakinson. I was looking for a crew photo but could not find one. The serial number of his plane was 43-38125. His address in Martinez, Ga. is Robert A. Haakinson 4719 Lake Front Dr. Martinez, Georgia 30907. My name is Tom Haakinson 144 Cypress Lane Ozark, Alabama. 36360. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks much....   Tom Haakinson

Re: My Dad:  Robert A. Haakinson

By: Donald Byers
On: 08/18/2009
Well your dad flew in 7 different aircraft. Was he injured in the crash as it didn't say who was injured?  You can look at the missions reports on the site to see which ones your dad was involved in and the only other way is to see if there are any current members which may be one of your dads crew mates.  That may give a shot for a photo your never know.  I will try and do a look up for you on the roster part.  Spelling well this is how it appeared in the database that was gathered in England.  The 401st has been reluntant to change names and I will leave it at that as I disagree with that decision.


Spelling has been corrected

By: Rick Kaufman
On: 08/19/2009
I modified the database to reflect the correct spelling.

Re: My Dad:  Robert A. Haakinson

By: Josie Navarro
On: 08/20/2009
Hi Tom,

I can't help much with the plane info or the 615th but others can. I wanted to take a moment to invite you to our reunion. I can guarantee you and your father would really enjoy it and we would LOVE to have you both there. Have you been to the Mighty Eighth Museum? It will be so special to visit with the veterans!

My Uncle Frank and I will be there. He was a ball turret gunner in the 613th. He started attending reunions maybe 4 reunions ago so has not been with the group as long as some. It's a great group and the reunions are very well done. Keep working on him and we HOPE to see you and your father there!!!

Take Care,

Josie N.
Frank P - 613th