skeet shooting

By: Ed Logan
On: 06/09/2009
Hey you guys & gals. Can you help me?? I was a aviation mechnic of the 612th, 401st BG in England during WW2. I was trained on the Boeing B17 at Douglas Aircraft at Long Beach, Ca. Year 1943 for 5 weeks. After training I was shipped to Great Falls,Montana where we worked on the B17E
   In the latter part of October we were shiped off to ( I believe, Camp Hanks) next to NYC. Soon then after about five days waiting, we were boarded to a nice state room--along wih a bunch of other guys. fifteen  maybe or more.It was on top deck deck--what a deal                                                            What I,m trying to find out, is---was there ever a skeet  shooting of twelve gauge shot guns as I remember  a tech sgt was the trainer to guys like me at Deenethrope. We used the over & under shotgun. It was a 12 gauge on top & 410 gauge on bottom rifle.
Thank you all & have a great day,   Ed Logan,   401stBG, 612th sqdn