Re: Net Results

By: Doug Young
On: 06/16/2009
Hi Rod.  My dad, Jack Young, also flew on the Net Results with Billy Hockaday and John Udy.  I believe these three are the only crew members still alive from the Net Results.  Glad to see your post and that that you were able to meet with Billy.  I do not know of your uncle, but if I run across any information I'll be sure and pass it on.....Doug  

Net Results

By: Rod Hanlon
On: 05/29/2009
I recently had the great privilege of meeting Billy Hockaday the co-pilot of the Net Results-(Udys crew). I was pleased to find your web site with all the in depth mission details. Yours, is truly the Great Generation! I am now on a quest to find info on my uncle,deceased, George Hanlon, who also flew the B-17. Best wishes to all of you and a belated 'thanks for your service'.