Mission Results

By: Bill Gillespie
On: 04/26/2009
I have a big ask, I am trying to identify the aircraft my father flew.  His crew did not have a designated aircraft, so more research is needed.  There was one listed for him in this web site, Win, the Swami, has helped me with two more, that leaves 27 aircraft I need to find.  The complete mission reports have either the Load List, or Box assignment, plus a lot of other great information, from which I can find what I need.

Here is the ask, I know several of you have copies of the from the National Archives.  I live in rural Australia, access to a film reader is very difficult (I haven't found one yet).  I am looking for missions: 61,63,64,65,68, 70,73,75,76,81,82,84,84,88,89,92,93,98,99,100,101,102,105,109,114,116,and 119.  If at anytime you are searching these missions, if you could make a copy...I would be most grateful.

I would like to update the 401st history, but there is still two members of his crew that I would love to make a Mission Complete folder for as a gift.

Yours in 401st Research.   Bill Gillespie  home email is ltahoe@yahoo.com

Re: Mission Results

By: Win Bryson
On: 04/26/2009
For reference:

Crew: 1st Lt E.C. Gillespie, 615th Sq.;

Link: http://www.401bg.com/history/crew.asp?cid=13071;

Need: Crew & Assigned A/C info, for Crew's Missions, contained in Mission Reports':
- - Loading Lists; and/or
- - Formation Diagrams.

Good hunting.