Interesting 401st tribute site

By: Jack Reid
On: 04/22/2009
I haven't posted in awhile, but I was researching a 401st 615th ship - 42-31193, IY-B, 'Little Boots' (its picture was in a museum I was visiting)and in the course of my searching on the internet, I stumbled upon a Netherlands site dedicated to 8 401st aircrew buried nearby - it is truly worth a visit, there are MACRs, interviews, pictures, detailed lists of POWs, MIA/KIAs, etc - truly appears to be a labor of love by the people involved - the site is:

Re: Interesting 401st tribute site

By: Donald Byers
On: 04/24/2009
Yes this is a good site and I know Andy Swinny and have talked with him a lot.  Not only does he have a number of graves that he and his family take care of but has also started his MACR listings for each aircraft lost from the 401st Bomb Group during WWII. And yes he does have good info on the POWs during that period of time also.  Thanks for also posting it here on this forum.  I have a link to him on my website.