Lt. Eldon Robert Child

By: Jeremy Howe
On: 02/07/2002
My grandfather served 401st BG, 615th Sq. from late 1943 until he was put in the hospital from flak April 1944.  He returned to flying status but not with his original crew.  His original crew was KIA while flying with Lt. Lozinski 16th FEB 1945.  Can anyone help me fill in the gaps as to who he flew with after April 1944.  I do know that he checked out as first pilot but I have no record of his missions.
Thanks for any help!

Re: Lt. Eldon Robert Child

By: Larry Cooper
On: 03/16/2002
Jeremy -

Your grandfather's second crew was with Lt. W.F. Grimm (615th BS)

1st Lt  W.F.  Grimm       Pilot    
2nd Lt  E.R.  Child       Copilot    
2nd Lt  W.C.  McMullen    Navigator    
2nd Lt  R.G.  Burns       Bombardier    
S/Sgt   O.J.  Kressler Jr Radio Operator    
S/Sgt   T.J.  Brown Jr    Engineer    
Sgt     D.P.  Dunn        Ball Turret Gunner    
Sgt     W.M.  Duke        Tail Gunner    
Sgt     R.L.  Wheeler     Waist Gunner

Lt Grimm is credited with 33 missions from 16 Aug 44 to 10 Jan 45, according to the 401st records I have.  I can't tell specifically which missions your Grandfather flew with Lt Grimm, but probably most of them.

By the way, you grandfather and my father (Lou Cooper) served together in the 615th, and were good friends.


Re: Lt. Eldon Robert Child

By: Scott McElvain
On: 06/09/2002
Can send you a list of missions, and information on planes he might have flown in.

Re: Lt. Eldon Robert Child

By: J. Wheeler (son of R.L. Wheeler)
On: 03/09/2004
Jeremy -

I'm on this website for the first time and responding to a very old message from you.  My father is R.L. Wheeler, tail gunner with W.F. Grimm and E.R. Child.  The name of the plane was probably the "Flying Jenny".  However, I know that plane was destroyed at some point during my father's tour.  He is still alive and is currently traveling.  Upon his return, I'll see what he might remember.

Please let me know if you have turned up any interesting info. on W.F. Grimm and his crew.