Townsend Farm, Upper Benefield

By: Vaughn Meads
On: 01/29/2002
We've just finished converting one of the old barns at Townsend Farm in Upper Benefield into a home, just a mile down the road from Deenethorpe Airfield. In the fields next us, there is a lot of evidence of roads and buildings that have been torn down over the years, and we’re assuming they probably had something to do with the airfield or at leat some sort of support function when it was at its peak.

We were wondering if anyone has any recollection of what the buildings immediately behind Townsend Farm were, or if there is a map somewhere that shows what infrastructure existed on the land surrounding the main airfield.

The approximate location of our home (and its proximity to the airfield just to the West) can be seen by using the link to the Ordnance Survey map at

Best regards, Vaughn

Re: Townsend Farm, Upper Benefield

By: Jacob Wall
On: 01/31/2002
If you would like to 'e' mail me I will glady give you the information that you require.
I have the original war office drawings of the Deenethorpe field listing all the buildings and their locations and uses.
With regards. Jacob wall