If you want this spam gone...

By: Ed Dana II
On: 09/26/2008
Then you must lodge your complaints with the leadership.

More information on how to fix these problems may be found here:



Re: If you want this spam gone...

By: Jean Dawkins
On: 09/26/2008

Ed,  I would dearly love to voice my feelings on the new forum, but alas, I have been thrown out.  I was among the first 20 to register when the new forum first went online but had difficulty navigating the system.  There was one time when someone else had voiced the same concerns and I posted after them (after several failed attempts) agreeing with their comments, and I was immediately rebuffed and told that "it looks like you managed to get on this time."  Less that two weeks ago I went to the address that you have listed above and tried to add my comments to the others, and instead of accepting my comments the site dropped my comments AND me . . . I have not been able to log in since; it tells me that I am not registered.  So it looks like this is the only place that I am allowed to voice my opinion.

Jean   aka Vern's Daughter on the new forum

If you want this spam gone

By: Jackie
On: 09/27/2008
Don is going to try and help you and he sent you an email in this forum. Did you find it among the SPAM? I hope so. If you did please email him back so he can try to help.

We are all tired of the SPAM on this forum and it is indeed an insult to the 401st and all who gave so much for our country.

You can also write to George or Art and tell them how you feel and express the continued problems you have on the forum and trying to use it.

If we do not keep trying...unfortunately nothing will change. It has been an up hill battle to say the least and we are all discouraged that no one is listening to the members trying to keep the memories and more of the 401st alive.

Please find Don's note and maybe he can help.


Logging onto New Forum

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 09/27/2008
Hi Jean,

You still show up on the registered members list on the New Forum, with a last log-on date of Sat 13 Sep 2008.

Hopefully it's just another glitch that will be sorted out soon.........

All the best,