Thrapston transport depot

By: glenys
On: 01/25/2002
could anyone please give me any information on station 584 afsc medical and truck transport depot .Thank you for your help,  Glenys

Re: Thrapston transport depot

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 03/21/2002
Looking at the maps, the only site for this depot sems to be on the south side of the A604 Thrapston to Huntingdon road, near Elm Tree Lodge. Until recently this was an agricultural vehicle suppliers.
I recall a number of WWII style buildings on the site, they may still be there, but a new road passes the site now, and much has changed.
I wonder whether it may have been connected to the U.S. hospital a couple of miles north, at Lilford Hall, as the railhead for the hospital was Thrapston.

I only live a few miles from both sites, and am attempting to research the hospital, and other bases in the area.


Paul Bellamy