S/Sgt Willis T. Vaughan, Jr.

By: Otha H."Skeet" Vaughan Jr.
On: 01/07/2002
I saw the web site today and it is a trubute to those great people. BTW the Aircraft Serial  No.43-39125 shown dropping bombs, was the aircraft that my uncle SSgt Willis T. Vaughan, Jr--Ball Turret Gunner--was on when it was shot down over Brandenberg, Germany on 20 April, 1945 and he was one of the survivors, a  POW, and he was returned  to his home in Seneca, S.C.

Re: S/Sgt Willis T. Vaughan, Jr.

By: Francisco E.Quinones
On: 01/29/2002
Do you have the names of thecomplete crew that was S.D.rank and fate,any information appreciated.