My father-in-law just passed

By: Bill Fike
On: 04/08/2008
My Father-in-law just passed, and earlier we found that he had received the DFS in Sept 1944.  (401st. 614th bomb group under 2nd Lt. P.R. Koons.)  I asked him what it was for and he just said: "They were handing out medals and I took whatever they gave me".  My wife and I would like to find out why he received such a medal.  Can anyone help.  I have tried everything to no avail.

Re: My father-in-law just passed

By: Donald Byers
On: 04/10/2008
Paste this link into your browser.  Do the Standard Form 180 which is a PDF printable & fill in form.  Ask for Citation in other.

Sorry for your loss.
If you have the obit I would send it to the 401st BG as they do have a section in the quarterly PFG for this.  What was his name

Don Byers