Question about grandfathers plane

By: Elizabeth Tindall
On: 12/02/2007
My grandfather, Robert "Shorty" Andrus was a part of the 612th on Lt. West's crew. I found his crew picture, but the only information I found on his plane was the one that they took on their final mission before being shot down and captured, the Bonnie Donnie. They crashed on May 28, 1944.

My grandmother mentioned that she was sure he flew the Hangover Haven on a regular basis and the Bonnie Donnie was only a one time flight. Their plane is not documented in their flight mission sections, just their final mission on the Bonnie Donnie. And on the Hangover Haven's flight missions the missions are not documented until August 3rd 1944, 3 months after my grandfather was captured.

My grandfather died when I was a young girl and I would like to find pictures and information about Hangover Haven if that was his main plane, both for my own benefit and my grandmothers. If anyone knows any information about who flew Hangover Haven's missions prior to May 28, 1944 and possibly crew pictures with the plane I would love to get that information from you.

Elizabeth Tindall

Re: Question about grandfathers plane

By: Donald Byers
On: 12/05/2007
A picture at the National Archives does exist for Hangover Haven.  Copy this URL into your browser and follow the directions for providing information. You must provide an address for them to send to and they will not respond by e-mail.

As far as documentation didn't catch up until later in the war and that is why you see a lot of undocumented information.  Load list of plane and crew were later added.