Dad's passing

By: Robert L Alles
On: 10/02/2007
Robert F Alles(my father) passed away on 1/11/07. He was an Air Corps vet from WW2. He was a member of the crew of Bottle Baby(B17). I believe he flew mostly from Deenethorpe. He was a "togileer"(not sure of spelling). He was a great man & a terrific father. We were all very proud of the fact that he served his country as a 19 year old. We miss him a lot.

Re: Dad's passing

By: Ed Dana
On: 10/03/2007
You have my sympathies, Robert. I haven't lost my father yet, but my mother died in 2004 and she is still keenly missed. I feel fortunate to have had dad for as long as we have (he's 84) but I dread that inevitable day.

As my sainted momma was fond of saying: "One thing's for sure, you ain't gonna get out of this life alive."

I just wish she weren't so damned right. :(

Deepest Sympathies,

Re: Dad's passing

By: Donald Byers
On: 10/04/2007

Regret that a great loss has touched your family.  His memories will keep him in your heart and mind forever.  He as many others put their lives on the during WWII.  If you have not done so please pass the obit to the 401BG so they may post it in the Poop From Group.

Don Byers

Re: Dad's passing

By: Jackie
On: 10/06/2007
I am very sorry for your families loss. My father passed away in 2005 and he is still greatly missed. Please accept our sympathy on your loss.