TSgt J.C. Maddox KIA March 29, 1944

By: Rex Alexander
On: 09/06/2007
JC was my fourth cousin but I never knew him. In June, 1944 my father arrived at Bovingdon Air Base, England for assignment; he was billeted in a Nissen hut. Being tall, he chose the top bunk. While gazing at the names and addresses inscribed on the ceiling and walls. He spotted, "JC Maddox, Sale Creek, TN". That was his third cousin; what a small world! But- JC had been killed March 29, 1944; his B-17 of the 401st (Lt. Anderson: Pilot)had been shot down near Nuenkirchen, Germany. Being retired AF, I wrote all that could be found on the internet and newspapers but wanted to know more. Recently, I wrote the Pentagon about their efforts to locate his remains; 2 months later I received a packet of all documents related to his case. I was overwhelmed that so many German and American records had been kept on ONE man. It answered all of my questions and I am grateful that JC had not fallen through the cracks. German civilains had buried three bodies (one being JC's)of the fateful flight in April. In October 1944, American Bombers targeted the area again and one bomb obliterated the three graves. Bits and pieces of caskets and human remains were unidentifiable so everything was placed in the crater. Needless to say, the final determination of JC was "remains unrecoverable." He is listed on the marker in Margarten, Netherlands but I have purchased a tombstone bearing his name for he will NOT be forgotten. I just wanted to share this with those who care and thank our military for always looking for the MIA/KIA's.
Rex Alexander

Re: TSgt J.C. Maddox KIA March 29, 1944

By: Donald Byers
On: 09/08/2007

Thanks so much for sharing that information and to your dedication/remembering those who served.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texax
Nephew od Sgt. Donald C. Byers 613th BS