Looking for Crew 67,Bad Penny,42-39904   IY-C

By: Debra Hamilton Jordan
On: 08/31/2007
Hi, Everyone. I am James Russell Hamilton's daughter. I am looking for any crew members that served with my Dad on the "Bad Penny" He was with 401 st, 615 th Bomb Squadron. His number was 42-39904. His pilot was Fred Grinham and another crew member was Roy Cockerham. He was a tail gunner.
I have seen a picture of my Dad on your site. That is talking about him shoting down so many planes in one mission. He has so many metals. If ANYONE has any info on my Dad please let me know. He died in 1976 at age 52 of lung cancer. He lived everyday to the fullest. He loved life. If you can help please write me back, Thank you so much, Debbie Hamilton Jordan

Re: Looking for Crew 67,Bad Penny,42-39904   IY-C

By: Donald Byers
On: 09/01/2007
I tried to send to your e-mail address but was returned to me.  I have a couple of addresses for you but don't post that to the forum anymore contact me direct at donald_byers@sbcglobal.net

Don Byers