2nd Lt. Frank J. Zitkovic

By: Frank J. Zitkovic, Jr.
On: 12/29/2001
My Father flew with the 614th Sqdn., and wal sost with entire crew on Feb 4, 1944.  Mission was to Frankfort.  He was dropping behind due to Flak damage and last seen over Ruhr Valley.  No word was ever heard about them.I believe the ship was named "Mary Ann" after my mother.  I was born 3 months later on May 11, 1944, so I never knew him.  My Molther recently passed away, and I am just now coming into possession of papers that led me to the 401st/614Sqdn.  

Any info would be appreciated.


Frank Zitkovic

Re: 2nd Lt. Frank J. Zitkovic

By: Donald Byers
On: 01/02/2002
You can also become an associate member and attend the reunions every 2 years.  As you should see that it is in October this year in Tuson AZ.

I can look up at home what I have and scan it and send it to you.  But am at work right now.

Later Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Re: 2nd Lt. Frank J. Zitkovic

By: Don G. Garretson
On: 10/25/2002
I would like to know if you are the Frank Zitkovic who was a founding partner of TransWorld Logging, Inc. (later TransWorld ADL) in Baton Rouge & Deming, LA about 1982.  I worked for TransWorld Logging from 1982 to 1987.  To this day that Frank and his partner, Art Schuelke, remain the best folks I've ever worked for but when the oil boom of the early '80's busted, I had to come back to central Florida to work at Kennedy Space Center. Since then I've lost touch with Frank and Art.  I know Frank's dad was a flier who died in the line of duty but not much more than that.  Strange as it might seem, I've also run across another Frank Zitkovich who was a Navy flight engineer who died in a PBY training accident off Hawaii in 1950.  If you're not the Frank Z. I know, you folks may be related.

Re: 2nd Lt. Frank J. Zitkovic

By: Art Schuelke
On: 05/10/2006
Hey Don, I can't belive I found your posting. How have you been? Drop me a line when you get the chance. Art

Re: 2nd Lt. Frank J. Zitkovic

By: u n owen
On: 05/09/2008
Your Fathers ship was named "NOBODTS BABY"- Only loss that day. Hope this helps a little