Looking for W.E. Johnson crew pic

By: Jim Haire
On: 07/14/2007
I'm looking for a copy of the W.E. Johnson crew picture; I know one exists, or was taken, because I've seen it - but it's been destroyed by my Dad during his last days fighting leukemia back in May '98. My Dad was S/Sgt James B. Haire, who served as Eng/Top Gunner on Johnson's crew, which only flew 3 missions over Germany in July of 1944. On the last mission, they were flying in a B-17 (42-97982) that had only been in service 6 days before being shot down. All the crew members are listed as POW's, yet only 1 is shown anywhere as being interred at Stalag Luft 4 along with my Dad. Evidently Dad's POW experiences shaped his thinking and depression that he suffered with for the rest of his life; he rarely talked about his wartime, and only then with an uncle who also served yet wasn't a POW. I relished listening to their stories.

The crew members were:

2nd Lt. Willie E. Johnson, Pilot, Columbia SC

2nd Lt. Kenneth R. Powell, Co-Pilot, Hartford CT

2nd Lt. Raymond E. Malloy, Navigator, Waverly MA

2nd Lt. Joseph J. Loverro, Bombadier, Brooklyn NY

T/Sgt John T. Murtha, Radio Operator, Jeanette PA

Sgt. Clair G. Gore, Ball Gunner, Detroit MI

Sgt. Cleatus D. Nolen, Tail Gunner, Knoxville TN

Sgt. Leonard Rapoport, Waist Gunner, Allentown PA

If anyone has any information on these brave men who my Dad had the honor of serving with, could you please pass it along to me. Primarily I'm looking for that missing flight crew picture only, but any and all information would be deeply appreciated.  Thanks and God bless.

Re: Looking for W.E. Johnson crew pic

By: Donald Byers
On: 07/14/2007
3 Names sent from 401st Bomb Group Directory.