My Dad - Delmore "Bud" LeFleur

By: Heidi Huttunen
On: 06/05/2007
On a plaque my dad had it read - T/Sgt. Delmore H. Le Fleur
U.S. Army Air Force  614th B Sqd 401st BGP  Weldon, England
I have been looking on your website and I found that my dad was a tail gunner on the crew of 1st Lt. T. D. Carroll and also a radio operator on the crew of  1st Lt. J.B. Evans. If anyone remembers my dad please let me know.  He never talked to us about his years in the service and now I am trying to find out as much as I can.
This website is so valuable to me.

Re: My Dad - Delmore "Bud" LeFleur

By: Donald Byers
On: 06/06/2007
Checked the 2005 Bomb Group Directory for both crews and did not find any other crew member listed that is a member of the 401st Bomb Group.

The one thing that is curious to me is that he was a waist gunner and a radio operator. A radio operator is required to know Morse Code and this required a special schooling.

Also these crew lists are static which does not mean he flew on all the flighs with Lt. Evans and so the crew placements might be incorrect.  

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas