B-17G Veterans 62 years Later!

By: Steve Greenberg
On: 05/28/2007
My father in law,(John Pear), was a waist gunner on the B-17G Madame Queen. John is 1 of 3, out of the original 10, crewmen still alive today. Larry Mings lives in Florida and about 4 months ago I located the other guy (Bob Nicholson) who lives in Montana. I called Bob and told him who I was and put him in touch with John. Today Bob & his wife were in Portland and came to visit with John. This was the first time that had seen each other in 62 years! They had a very nice time talking about the "good old days". John is 90 and Bob is 83. John was the "old man" in the crew!  Links to photos below.
Honor these & all Veterans.