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By: michael mastrangelo
On: 05/19/2007
I am looking for information on my fathers experience in the 401 st. he passed away a few years back but never talked about his time in service with the 401 st. His name was Donald Mastrangelo who was a second Lt. and copilot. I recall a reference to serving on the aircraft Ice Cold Katy at some point in time but info is limited. Any help as to how I may proceed to find more info on him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of the great work.  

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By: Paul Bellamy
On: 05/22/2007
The new 401BG Website has a searchable directory of crewmembers.

Putting your Father's name into it came up with:

Name: Mastrangelo, D.M.
Position: Copilot
Squadron: 612th Bomb Squadron  
On the Crew of: Guy, R.H.

Working from the Pilot's name in the Crews Directory brings you to which shows the following information:

Aircraft Usually Flown: "Aw Come On" 42-97664(IY-F)

Crew Members
Pilot: 1st Lt R.H.Guy        
Copilot: 2nd Lt D.M.Mastrangelo        
Navigator: 2nd Lt J.R.Goodlet        
Togglier: Sgt A.Polin        
Radio Operator: Sgt P.R.Bury        
Engr/Top Turret: Sgt E.A.Foulkes        
Ball Turret Gunner: Sgt L.R.Fitts        
Tail Gunner: Sgt C.T.Webb        
Waist Gunner: Sgt L.Mulcayhey

1.Berlin      28 Mar 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On      
2.Bremen      30 Mar 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On      
3.Weimar      31 Mar 1945 43-38541  Diabolical Angel      
4.Unterluss   4 Apr 1945  42-97664  Aw Come On      
5.Luneburg    7 Apr 1945  43-38637          
6.Oranienburg 10 Apr 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On      
7.Freihan     11 Apr 1945 42-102393 Diana Queen of the Chase      
8.Royan       14 Apr 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On      
9.Royan       15 Apr 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On      
10.Falkenburg 19 Apr 1945 42-97664  Aw Come On

Crew photo including your Father:

Aircraft history for 42-97664:

For further info, if you use the new forum at it allows direct linking to files and photographs etc.

Hope that helps,
Paul Bellamy

Re: info search

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 05/22/2007
I've copied this thread over into the New Forum in the Air Crews section.

The address is

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