Lt Livingstone Crew

By: David Pearce
On: 12/20/2001
Lt Livingstone's crew were one of the original crews which flew over the 401st Air echelon during October/November 43'.

The Crew included Lt A Livingstone, Lt Hannon, Lt Jaffe, Lt Dershiner, S/Sgt Greer, Sgt Munch, Sgt Martinelli, Sgt Backler, Sgt O'Brien and Sgt Fetzer.9I am aware that Lt Hannon was lost on the 13.3.44 mission).

If anyone can provide me with any information on the above I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Dave Pearce

Re: Lt Livingstone Crew

By: Art Seder
On: 12/22/2001
This crew had a somewhat unusual history. The records of the 613th Squadron indicate that those mentioned in your inquiry flew six missions between March 2 and April 10, 1944. The co-pilot, Lt. J. J. Hannon, was killed in action on March 13, 1944, while flying as co-pilot on a crew piloted by Lt. G. J. Hellmuth.
    Following the April 10 mission, the crew was assigned to fly with Lt. W. M. Hammond as pilot; Lt. Livingstone became the co-pilot. This crew then flew 20 missions between May 19 and July 21, 1944. Their final mission was to Schweinfurt.