1st Lt. A.B. Vokaty's Crew

By: Norman P. Claxon
On: 04/02/2007
My membership money is in the mail. I found this website for a S/Sgt Howard M. Crull who is still kicking, and is
the bugler on our Honor Guard here at the American Legion
Post 23 in Portsmouth, Ohio. On the site you have him shot
down on April 13, 1944 in Command Performance. He claims to
have been shot down on that date, but in Dorsal Queen. He
says that the crew is right, but wrong aircraft. They normally flew Command Performance but not on that mission.
Believe he said that it was down for maintenance, and was
shot down later. Probably a lot of discrepencys on the crews that were downed account of no debriefing. He told me that Pilot Vokaty has gone west a while ago. Any info on his crew would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for a great website, and all the hard work. I will be in touch.
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Re: 1st Lt. A.B. Vokaty's Crew

By: Donald Byers
On: 04/05/2007
One crew man found in 2005 directory and passed along.  Checked the 613th Squadron History and it only identified the crew lost that day and not the aircraft they were flying.  Mission 51 shows Command Performance.  Too early in the war I believe before they started doing load lists and aircraft being flown for each mission.