John F Campbell, 613th

By: Noreen Barber
On: 03/08/2007
Does anybody know or remember a John F Campbell? His family called him Jack and he had at least 2 other brothers in the Army during the war. According to what I could get for his records he was in the 613 at the end of his assignments.
He’s my grandfather’s brother but my mother and I know almost nothing about him except that he was a POW for Germany. My grandparent’s didn’t keep up with him the past 15 years or so and when you asked never got a real answer. I found him in a picture of Alfred Vokaty Crew on this site and Donald Byer’s site which I saw mentioned has him as a POW. Any info or whatever would be great.
Unfortunately with the FOIA I only got his dates – they don’t admit he was a POW.
Thank you so much for any help in advance. I’d love to learn more.

Re: John F Campbell, 613th

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 03/08/2007
The NARA POW records show one potential name: 13053658 Sgt. Campbell John F. of Pennsylvania.

It seems that the unit code was entered as 0401 rather than 401, which causes the record not to show up in the normal search by unit.

First reported as POW 13th April 1944 at Stalag 9C (Bad Sulza Saxe-Weimar).

Hope that's of use.

All the best,
Paul Bellamy

Re: John F Campbell, 613th

By: Norman P. Claxon
On: 04/08/2007
I am in the Post 23 American Legion honor guard at Portsmouth, Oh with the ball turret gunner, Howard Crull who is still kicking, and is our bugler on our burial detail. As soon as I get to talk to him soon, I will get the facts on your gr-uncle and pass it on. I think he told me he was a POW with him. Send me your email address, and I will get the info to you.
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