Norval Garland Wood 20805000

By: William Wood
On: 01/03/2007
Does anyone know any information on Norval Garland Wood (my grandfather).  I know he was transferred on March 23,1944 from 1st CCRC to the 401st.  He was shot down and held POW as 17B.  His crew information is below.

Pilot  -  T.C. Tilton
Co Pilot  -  J.H. Welsh
Nav  -  O.D. Mathis
Bomb  -  J.A. Makaymiec (spelling)
B.F. Zmijewski
S.E. Johnson
E.E. Springfield
J.S. Burleson
Norval Garland Wood  -  waist gunner
P.J. Hermance

S.E. Johnson was listed as a casualty in a B-17 serial 42-32072 "Mary".  I would love to know how to go about finding crew photos, plane nicknames, etc.  Would there even be a picture of him with his crew if he was transferred from CCRC?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might have to offer.

God Bless.

Shane Wood
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Re: Norval Garland Wood 20805000

By: Donald Byers
On: 01/04/2007
He was part of the 91st BG 401st Bomber Squadron.  There is no indicated picture in the B-17 Nose Art Name Directorey by Wallace R. Forman.  Suggest you contact them.

Don Byers

Re: Norval Garland Wood 20805000

By: Ray
On: 08/06/2009
Just wondering if you found any info on your grandfathers plane or any pics.  My Uncle was Boleslaw F Zmijewski,  he was the top turret gunner and was also a pow in stalag 17b.