Keck's Revenge

By: Ray Keck
On: 12/29/2006
Hello, 401st:

I recently bought a photo on Ebay (as a gift for my uncle) of a B-17 that had "Keck's Revenge" painted on the side of the nose. Thanks to this forum, I've learned about Robert J. Keck's "Homing Pigeon" being brought down by flak and fighter attack while on a November 1944 mission. Can any of you shed light on the "Keck's Revenge" markings on another B-17? I don't see a B-17 with that name in the gallery.
Ray Keck
Davis, California

Re: Keck's Revenge

By: Donald Byers
On: 12/29/2006

I see no mention of this name in the B-17 Nose Art Directory.

There is a good chance this name was not properly added buy the paper work required to have a registered name.  My guess they are one in the same aircraft.  Some crews flew their plane and not matter what the plane was they flew as in this case as Keck's Revenge.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

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