Sgt Dale Martz

By: Joseph Ambrose Cush
On: 11/19/2006
I Would appreciate greatly any information about the above. he flew from Deenthorpe during the 2ww. I would like to know what sqn, aircraft ser No,his captain,and a/c name.
He completed 30 missions before he returned to the states and married my sister.I promised him a painting of his a/c but never got round doing it until now.

Re: Sgt Dale Martz

By: Donald Byers
On: 11/25/2006
Copy this link and put in your browser:
This link will show all the missions.

Little Pedro 42-37736

B-17 Nose art directory indicates there is a pictue available at the national archives II in Washing DC.

Copy this link to my web page and follow the directions to get a paper copy.  They will not answer by e-mail but will only reply by regular mail so include your mailing address!!!!

Don Byers