Mission of November 26, 1944.

By: John Meurs
On: 12/10/2001
Dear Reader,

When I was a nine years old school boy living in nazi-occupied Holland a B-17 crashed behind our house in the village of Apeldoorn. That was November 26, 1944.

I am presently researching al heavy bombers of the 8th AF that were lost on that particular day. My aim is to write a book and/or a series of articles about this mission.

One a/c of the 401st BG made a succesful crash-landing at St. Trond in Belgium in allied territory. Serial number: # 44-8153.

I am very much interested in information concerning the crew, the target and the fate of this aircraft.

Thanking in advance for your kind cooperation in this matter I remain

With best regards

John Meurs
Im Gubel 5
CH-8630 Rueti ZH
Switzerland e-mail meurs.john@bluewin.ch