Re: name of plane

By: Jackie (Sharp) Sheflin
On: 09/30/2006

Can you tell my sister Donna and I where you found the number of the plane? Neither the D Day Dottie or the plane they were shot down in had art work and we have never heard of a name for the plane they were shot down in, so it could be the right one. We appreciate your help.


name of plane

By: Donna Sharp-Noble
On: 09/17/2006
I am also trying to find out if the B-17 with the serial number 44-6129 had a name. Anyone's information is greatly appreciated.

Re: name of plane

By: Scott McElvain
On: 09/18/2006
Have not been able to find any indications of a name attached to this B-17.  My two main sources do not have a nickname for it, and at reunions where I talked to a lot of veterans trying to correct information in group reference books, no one seemed to know one.

Re: name of plane

By: Robert
On: 09/27/2006
Hi Donna,
I have just come across some paperwork on the B-17 serial number 44-6129 squadron codes IN-A
There is no mention of the a/c having a name but it was MIA on the 19th July 1944 on a mission to Augsburg. Pilot. 2nd/Lt. William J. McKeon.

Hope this is of interest. Robert.