Question & comment

By: Jackie
On: 09/14/2006
Hello everyone,

I have not posted in some time as life as been a little complicated.

I have tried several times to find the pages that listed the individual crews and I am either doing something wrong or they are down...can someone tell me which it is?

I wanted to relocate Lt McKeon's crew (413th)page as I wish to check some information.

Also, I recently found among my fathers affects (he passed away last July 2005) a crew picture I had not seen before and if memory serves me correctly...there is one more crew member in the recently located photo then there was in any the family had before this and the photo is in front of a plane. I am not sure if any plane numbers will be able to be seen as I had to pack it quickly for shipment and it may be weeks before I may get it delivered as I can't remember which box or the method of shipment at this time.

I am hoping it may be a picture of the D Day Dotty but will have to wait till it arrives to see.

I am also wondering if anyone knows anything about a:
Bob Neary?

He wrote a book about Stalig Luft III...Nuernberg.....and...Moosburg.

He sent my father a copy of this book which contains many drawings of his time as a 'Kreigie' (POW)knowing that my father was in 2 of the camps.

This book is bound by 1/2 inch metal rings and was copyright in 1946 and has a maroon cover. I have not had time to read it yet as I just returned home, but I hope to do so soon.

Any help on either of these 2 questions would be appreciated.


Jackie Sheflin
Daughter of SMSGT Jack T. Sharp

Ps: Before I forget: Also located in my Dad's trunk was his lightweight flight suit...and a framed certificate from the SS Ericson that he came back to the states on after being freed by Patton.

Also in his trunk was 2 softballs and one hardball from his time as a POW....treasures I never thought to find.

Re: Question & comment

By: Scott McElvain
On: 09/18/2006
Go to the home page of the group and on the right side under web contents, look under 401st Bomb Group. It has missions, planes, and crews, etc, and click on "crews".  It will show alphabetical lists of crews for each squadron and you can click on the pilot's name for more infon on the crews.