Walter Ely Ross Looking for Chester Rehn

By: Sherri Foster
On: 08/22/2006
A dear friend of mine is about 85 yrs old and lives in Biloxi, Mississipp his name is Walter Ely Ross and he lost all his military records and documentations and awards and I am trying to help him get away to replace them as well as get in touch with his long time friend and crew mate Chester Hehn.  They both few with the 401st Bomb group in England. Mr. Ely  broke his leg in Iceland and was in the hospital there for 42 days before joining his group again in England.
please let me know if there is away to find out all of this information for him.  I have already suggested the VA's records since he has been out there.  But since Katrina hit a lot of people have lot a lot of important records and he in the process of rebuilding his home right now too.
Thank you for your time.