Book by 306BG  B-17 static chaser .

By: Clyde Larry Mings
On: 07/25/2006
Not for or about the 401st, but only the group number is different. It is about growing up in the Depression and his life in the Canadian forces till he was able to transfer to the USAAF when we got into the war, He flew 24 missions in the early days, when only one in three B-17 crewmembers  made it through a tour.Each of his 24 missions as a radio gunner is detailed and descriptive and very interesting.He gave a talk to our Tampa  Bay  Area DFC Society last month that was very well received. I am not pimping his book, but my wife gave me a copy and as a radio gunner on Madame Queen,(613th) I and many others can relate to those events.
The author is Jack C. Hubbard, Major, USAF (Ret). The name of the book is PATRIOTS WILL  ISBN:1-4033-5372-7 .The base for the 306th was  Thurleigh and Sgt. "Snuffy Smith" was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism while there.