Crew of the Mrs. Aldeflak

By: Tom Daley
On: 07/13/2006
Has anyone from this crew:
P. J. Sullivan Crew
615th Bomb Squadron
"Mrs. Aldeflak"
posted on this website? My father was a ball turett gunner on this crew, however, they have his last named spelled incorrectly as "Daly" and it should be "Daley". He was from Woonsocket, RI and attended several reunions before he died.
Tom Daley
Monrovia, Ca

Re: Crew of the Mrs. Aldeflak

By: Donald Byersd
On: 07/14/2006

I could see no where that a member of the crew has posted on this web.  The way I checked was by going into your post.  At the top of the page there is a search key.  I typed in all the last names and only came upon a couple where Sullivan was mentioned in mission reports.

The Global Search is not working but the Forum Search does work and brings up all the posts with the keyword you type in.

Don Byers

Re: Crew of the Mrs. Aldeflak

By: Carol Schaffer
On: 09/20/2006
I gave your inquiry to my father, Paul Campbell who was Operations Officer along with Clyde Lewis, during the time your father was ball turet gunner.  He asked that I send you the following information:

History of J.P. Daly
1st mission July 29, 1944
Last November 26, 1944

Cpt Paul Sullivan      pilot   35 missions
1st Lt. E.A. Cox       co-pilot 35
1st Lt  J.R. Sassaman   nav     35
1st Lt  J.R. Ramsey    bombadier 35
T/Sgt Tony Racibi      radio     35
T/Sgt G. Brown         eng       35
S/Sgt J.P. Daly        Ball Turret 35
S/Sgt J.L. Storm       tail gunner  35
S/Sgt W.L. Cross       waist gunner 35

Lt Colonel White was in charge of the squadron.
The squadron at this time had fighter escorts.  My Dad said that he flew in formation with your father's crew a number of times.
Paul Sullivan, Kansas City, visited my Dad in North Dakota several times over the years.  Sullivan died 5-6 years ago.