Did anyone know my Grandfather, John H. Emch (Co-Pilot)

By: Brian Goodwin
On: 06/15/2006
My Grandfather, John Howard Emch was a Co-Pilot in the 613th Bomb Squadron with 1st Lt R.H. Hillestad's crew. His aircraft "Lady Jane" was shot down in Holland in Nov. 1944 and he was a POW until Apr. 1945. I am collecting information about his military service and I have his diary that he kept in the Stalags while a POW. I would appreciate any information anyone might have about my Grandpa's time in "The Mighty Eighth".

Thank you for your time,
                         Brian Goodwin

Re: Did anyone know my Grandfather, John H. Emch (Co-Pilot)

By: Scott McElvain
On: 06/16/2006
I'm a son of a member myself so I can't help with first hand info, but there are negatives of Lady Jane #s 65594AC, 65645AC, and 65720AC in the National Archives.  You can get xeroxes from them to get an idea of what they look like, and they will send you info on companies that can pull the negatives and make prints for you.  Also, if your grandfather didn't have a copy, the Air Force History Office (just check the internet) could get you a copy of the Missing Air Crew Report #10349 written on Hillestad's crew.