Great Uncle 613th BS tail gunner

By: Jason Mcneil
On: 06/25/2001
I am looking for any pictures, or any info on my great uncle SSgt. Horace W. Wood, he was known as Boose or Boos. He was a tail gunner in the 613th bs lost with his crew on Dec. 31 1943 in the "Hey Lou" Any info would be great

Re: Great Uncle 613th BS tail gunner

By: Donald A. Byers
On: 06/29/2001
All Missing in Action (MIA)

2nd Lt. D.. Lawry        Pilot
2nd Lt. J.S. Dockendorf  Co-Pilot 
2nd Lt. H.W. Self        Navigator
2nd Lt. B.   Weiner      Bombardier
S/Sgt L.J. Peters        Radio Op.
T/Sgt F.G. Waterman      Engineer
S/Sgt H.W. Wood          Tail Gunner
Sgt   R.D. Knutson       Left Waist Gunner
S/Sgt L.G. College       Right Waist Gunner


Paris          5 Dec 1943
Emden         11 Dec 1943
Kiel          13 Dec 1943
Bremen        20 Dec 1943
Ludwigshaven  30 Dec 1943
Bordezux      31 Dec 1943    42-31064 [IN-H] "Hey Lou"

Their B-17 crashed into the sea just off St. Catherines Point in the English Channel.  Only the body of Lt. Dockendorf was recovered.

No picture indicated in B-17 Nose Art Directory.

2nd Lt. D.H. Lawry is listed in the 401st Book as being with the 613th. But the B-17 Flying Fortress Story lists in the 614th and so does the B-17 Nose Art Directory.  I believe the 401st Book is correct.

If you visit my site you will see how to obtain the IDPF file on your Great Uncle.

Donald Byers
Lubbock Texas

Re: Great Uncle 613th BS tail gunner

By: Rita Benafield Henard
On: 12/17/2002
Jason, I do not have any pictures as you requested, but I would like to correspond with you.  Horace was a first cousin of mind.  His mother and my father were brother and sister.  My dad was the baby of that Benafield generation.


Rita Benafield Henard
Little Rock  AR