charles funke jr.

By: aaron storm
On: 11/20/2001
i'm looking for anyone who may have served with my grandfather charles funke during WWII. i have very little information to go on. all i know is that he was a navigator, & he was in the european theater. he passed away @ 12 years ago, & i never got a chance to hear any of his WWII stories, & as i've gotten older, i've come to deeply regret that. any information would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you & may GOD bless you all.

Re: charles funke jr.

By: Jake Shepherd
On: 12/06/2001
Aaron...I did not know Charles Funke, Jr., but I did know Philip Funk, a co-pilot in the 613th Sqdn....I might suggest that you write Turner Publishing Co., at 412 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42002, and purchase one of the recently published history books about the 401st Group.  It is a wonderful book and has many delightful and entertaining stories.