Frank R. Matthes, 612th Bomb Squadron

By: Jim
On: 02/28/2006
I keep an eye on E-Bay, the on line auction site, for WWII memorabilia, with special attention to the 401st.  Currently, there's an auction for memorabilia belonging to Lt Frank Matthes, 612th Bomb Squadron.  The auction (#6609342377) ends on March 4 and includes a large and small set of pilot wings, an 8th AF patch, a USAAF pilot's ring, a USAAF ID holder, some ribbons and a prop-and-wings insignia, a picture of the crew of B-17, Diabolical Angel, and Lt Matthes'wartime diary.  I thought someone with a keen interest in the 401st would like to bid on these items, especially since the diary since it seems to be a detailed and personal recollection of combat.  I always hope these treasures end up in the hands of someone will will treat them like treasure, not a commodity to buy and sell.  Of course, there's always the chance Lt Matthes was separated from these items and they could once again find their way back into his hands.  Does anyone know if Frank Matthes is still with us?