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By: Clyde Mings
On: 11/05/2005
Most of you have noticed that when you rest your cursor on the B-17 at the top of this page that a box drops down and gives the name "Der GrossArschvogel" "You All Right" and the serial number. I flew many missions beside that plane and believe me, The name "You all Right" is a sanitized  cop out! The name used was"Der Grossarschvogel" and as we all know, in German that is " The Big Ass Bird!' The leather jackets all had "Der Grossarschvogel" on the back and show the rear view of a shapely blonde cradling a bomb in her arms and she is barefoot up to her scalp!. The big book "Classic Vintage Nose art" by Gary M.Valant  IBSN 0-681-22744-3 has an excellent picture on page 74.That book hAS HUNDREDS of nose art and leather jackets pictures and the 401st seems to have almost all of ours shown-worth checking it out

Clyde Mings Cmsgt USAF (ret) radio op on Madame Queen 613BSq.