Anyone at the England reunion with a connection to "Grin 'n Bare It"

By: Scott McElvain
On: 10/16/2005
Could have sworn there was a person on the trip who had a father or relative that flew on this B-17.  I have a beer can from the Dayton Reunion with an illustration of a rear view of a "Grin 'n Bare It" jacket.  I offered it to them, and now I'm not sure who it was.

Re: "Grin 'n Bare It"

By: Tracy Hunt
On: 03/15/2007
This is not in reponse to your question, however my my dad, Ray Hunt was a radio operator on that plane. My attempts at locating archive photos, crew members, pilot name etc, have been uncessful. My mother would like try try and locate/ contact anyone with info.

Tracy -

Re: "Grin 'n Bare It"

By: Paul Tompkins
On: 02/14/2008
Dear Tracy-
My father just passed away this past Friday (2/8/08).  His name was David F. Tompkins, and was co-pilot on the plane "Grin n Bare It" in the 612th Bomb Squadron in the 401st BG.  I have many photos that I've offered electronically to the website historian.  There may have been two planes with the same name (so I remember hearing).  The commanding pilot of my Dad's plane was 1st Lt. E.G. Burns.  You can search for them on the 401bg website.  Hope this helps!
-Paul Tompkins